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Are you fed up of using ointments? Are you scared of going to the toilet because it pains a lot and the bleeding in your stools is even scarier?

We have a real home care,
drug free treatment

Piles relief cryo therapy device can help you get relief from itching, burning, pain , Bleeding in 7 minutes and by using it daily you can cure piles too.

Safe In Pregnancy

Clinical study done at Rana Hospital published in BHU, Proved that Piles Relief Device is safe in pregnancy.

About General Medical Systems

General Medical Systems was started to provide convenient and affordable products to patients suffering from Piles.

  • Get advice from the experts

    We’ve an amazing team of doctors who have hundreds of years of experience combined in treating piles.

  • We’ve a ‘Patient-First’ philosophy

    Our patients are at the core of everything we do. A 100% of our patients are happy with our services.

  • First in India to bring ‘Piles Relief’

    ‘Piles Relief’ is the first product that eliminates piles without the pain in the comfort of your home.

  • Say No to Pain, Itching and Burning

    GMS focuses on manufacturing products that help you cure your piles with no pain, itching or burning.

Our Progress So Far

130+ Countries

Cryotherapy is a tested and proven technology in over 130+ Countries
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Pregnancy Friendly

GMS Piles Relief is the best treatment for bleeding piles for pregnant ladies
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100% Drug Free

GMS Piles Relief is the only drug free solution in India for the treatment of piles.
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GMS Piles Relief was awarded
by Mr. J.P. Nadda
(Union Minister of health and family welfare)
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GMS Piles Relief was awarded by Maharani Parneet Kaur (the Maharani of Patiala) for being the best piles homecare treatment solution.
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96% Satisfaction

96% of the patients using GMS Piles Relief are satisfied with the device and are curing their piles and fissure problems with its regular use.
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