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Cryotechnology is a popular technology around the world since long. In the beginningcryo surgery was the only painless method to treat haemorrhoids (Piles). But there were few drawbacks like discharge because of which finally cryosurgery was abandoned.

But Piles Cryotherapy Device is based on same technology but no side effect. As in Cryosurgery tissue was cold burn but in cryodevice only temperature is lowered leading to fibrosis. As cryodevice makes the area numb so there is no pain and because if dilatation by device, Pain-Spasm-Pain cycle is broken leading to healing of fissure and haemorrhoids. This technology for treatment of haemorrhoids and fissure is being used all over the world. FDA in America has approved products with this time technology. By clinical studies also we have provided that this device is safe.



GMS Piles Relief is a new cryotherapy (cold treatment) medical device, to treat both internal and external haemorrhoids. It is easy to use, non-messy and pregnancy-safe.

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