5 Easy Steps for Curing Internal Piles in a Couple of Days

5 Easy Steps for Curing Internal Piles in a Couple of Days

When a patient suffers from the development of internal or external hemorrhoids, he or she leads a very painful and uncomfortable life. They are on the constant lookout for piles treatment services so that they can get rid of the hemorrhoids and go back to their life without the pain and discomfort. The treatment of piles requires careful attention as even the slightest cut in the wrong place could cause bleeding of the hemorrhoids. The patients have to monitor their lifestyle and follow the proper treatment to find out the best pain relief for piles.

Finding out the proper course of treatment is necessary since it will help you determine the daily lifestyle that you will need to follow in order to deal with the condition. There are many things that you can do and alter your lifestyle in order to cure the internal piles that you might have. Altering your lifestyle is not easy but each step that you take is another step to a healthier lifestyle. Here are some of the things that you can incorporate in your lifestyle and make your life easier and pain-free due to the reduction in the size of the hemorrhoids:

  • Dietary Changes:

DietStarting with a healthier diet is the first step to the treatment of piles. Building a habit of a proper diet is difficult for the people who have been eating unhealthy for the entirety of their lives. First, you have to start with increasing the intake of water in your daily routine. Drinking somewhere between 2 and 3 liters of water every day can help increase the hydration in your body and also lead to softer bowel movements. It will also stimulate bowel movements at the proper times. You also need to increase the fiber intake in your diet so that it can help reduce the irritation that is caused by the hemorrhoids in your anal canal.

  • Change in Clothing:

clothingWearing clothing that induces irritation around the anal canal can cause the patient to scratch their bottoms and aggravate the hemorrhoids. If you wear uncomfortable clothes and are suffering from piles, you will have to change your fashion sense immediately. You should start wearing simple cotton clothes that will not cause irritation on your bottom and also absorb all the sweat during the day and night. A clean area is important in order to avoid infections in case of cuts on the hemorrhoids.

  • Yoga:

YogaThere are many poses and positions in yoga that will help you get relief from the pain. It has been an ancient belief that many conditions and diseases can be cured effectively. The stretching and relaxing of the muscles of the body can help increase the blood flow and reduce the inflammation in the hemorrhoids. Patients suffering from hemorrhoids should make it a habit to practice poses like sarvanga asana, malasana, viparita karani, and balasana, in order to help them with the inflammations of the hemorrhoids and collection of the blood in the lumps around the anus.

  • Changing the Toilet Paper:

toilet paperSometimes, the toilet paper that you use becomes the reason for the aggravation of the hemorrhoids. The rough texture of toilet paper can cause irritation on your bottom and can increase the itching and irritation. You should change your toilet paper and replace the old one with a simple and soft toilet paper. Avoid the ones that have fragrance since the chemicals used in the making of the toilet paper can irritate and worsen the condition. The irritation and itching can cause the patient to scratch and can lead to the rupturing and bleeding of the hemorrhoids.

  • Medical Treatments:

medical treatmentIf all else fails, you can always visit your local proctologist for the medical treatment of the hemorrhoids. The doctor can suggest various courses of treatment depending on the severity of the condition. To deal with the pain, the doctor can prescribe painkillers. For an easier bowel movement, you could be prescribed with laxatives. However, the above courses should not be followed for more than 7 consecutive days. If the problem still persists, surgical removal of the hemorrhoids is the only option that is left. If the condition is less severe, the doctor can treat it with banding or sclerotherapy.



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