Welcome to Piles GMS Relief

General Medical System started its operation in the year 2014. The founders of this company have a vision to serve the society by providing a homecare remedy to cure Piles without surgery. After the continuous research and hardworkmenship, the company finally succeeded to develop a technology in the year 2017. The product was named as “PILES RELIEF” and it is based on cryotechnology. Dr Hitender Suri (Guinness Book of World Records & Limca Book of Records Award holder) is among the founders of this company. He is the Director of Rana Hospital,Sirhind. Rana Hospital is the premium institute for the treatment of anorectal disease.
Our Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare Sh. J.P Nadda awarded the founders of General Medical System for developing this technology. GMS Piles Relief was awarded by Maharani Parneet Kaur (the Maharani of Patiala) for being the best piles homecare treatment solution.

Vision & Mission

Dr Hitender Suri, being a renowned surgeon in the field of Anorectal disease, always says that there are certain limitations and challenges for a doctor as well as for the patient. For a doctor, there is a limitation that he can perform a certain number of procedures within in a day. But as per surveys, it was found that approximate 34 % of the total population in our country suffers from Piles. So, looking at this large number of people suffering from piles, Dr Suri decided to invent a technology which can cure piles without surgery while being affordable to each class of society. General Medical Systems has now finally achieved its mission by developing a home care solution which can cure Piles & Fissure without Surgery in the comfort of your home in just 7 minutes. It is the world’s fastest solution for the treatment of Piles. The vision of our company is to ensure that our country is free from the lifestyle disease within the next few years.

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