How Does Your Posture Affect Your Hemorrhoids?

Even in today’s progressive world, people are hesitant to talk about some issues. Having hemorrhoids happens to come under this taboo and the patients with the problem are reluctant to talk about their problem even with their close ones. In an era where the desk jobs are being preferred over the field work, more and more adults are becoming prone to the disease, simply because of the long hours of sitting. The long periods of sitting in one place is one of the main reasons for the blood to accumulate in pockets in and around the anus. While the problem is quite treatable and is not a reason for high concern, one can be very uncomfortable when they suffer from the problem. The main issues come when the hemorrhoids swell up and the patient has difficulty sitting down or maintaining a posture. To deal with the problem, here are some suggestions from experts that you need to follow if you suffer from piles:

  • Adjust Your Position While Defecting: In ancient times, people used to squat when they passed their stool. Many people still defecate in this position but majorities of the people, suffering from piles, use the sitting position on the throne. When you squat with your knees against your abdomen, the internal alignment of the rectum is in the right position and provides easy movement of the stools. Experts believe that the squatting position is way more effective in avoiding the development of the hemorrhoids.
  • Have A Cushion Under You When You Sit: When it comes to hemorrhoids, sitting plays a major role in the development. People often prefer the softer seats to the harder ones as they want to avoid the rectal pain and itching that comes along with sitting on hard chair. You have to make sure that you always have a cushion under you when you sit, if you want to avoid the development of hemorrhoids.
  • Keep Your Anus Clean And Dry: When you sweat through your anus, you will have noticed that it becomes unbearably itchy and uncomfortable. This irritation is aggravated by the development of hemorrhoids. Unless absolutely necessary, you have to avoid standing or sitting in extreme heat and moisture trapping clothing. Always choose clothing that allows the healthy exchange of moisture within and without, and try to keep your anus clean, cool, and dry.
  • Use Pre-Moistened Wipes: Instead of choosing the regular toilet paper, always go for pre-moistened wipes. They are less abrasive and clean the anus more thoroughly than the regular toilet paper. They also cool and soothe the hemorrhoids that might have developed in your anus.
  • Keep Moving About: Standing up has been proven to be more effective for the betterment of your health than sitting. Exercising regularly is even better than standing still. When you can, try to indulge yourself in other activities like dancing, walking, or others that involve moderate-to-extreme activity of the body. While they will provide you with the much needed exercise, they will also help you ease conditions like constipation.
  • Spend Less Time On The Toilet: Straining and sitting for long durations on the toilet is a leading reason for the development of bleeding hemorrhoids. The blood shows up either in the form of the red color in the water or as stains on the toilet paper that you use to wipe after passing the stools. It is always recommended that you spend as little time as required on the toilet instead of waiting for the stools to come around.
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