New Revolutionary Treatment To Eliminate Piles Completely

Swollen blood vessels around the anus account for the problem of hemorrhoids or piles. There is a collection of inflamed tissue that contains blood vessels, support tissue, muscle cells, and elastic fiber cells. It can be either internal or external, both being extremely painful. There are many reasons that can lead to the collection of the blood vessels within the anus. They are as follows:

  • Straining of the muscles during bowel movement,
  • Sitting for long periods of time without any movement,
  • Obesity, and
  • Pregnancy.

There are various symptoms which are exhibited when a person is suffering from piles. Some of them include:

  • Pain,
  • Itching,
  • Burning,
  • Blood in the stool, and
  • Cuts in the anal canal during straining of the muscle.

A patient suffering from piles can experience all the above symptoms, which lead to a very difficult lifestyle. To tackle the problem, they go for various products and services which are available in the market. These are:

  • Ointments and topical creams,
  • Medicines,
  • Precautionary methods that alter the lifestyle, and
  • Surgery.

All the above measures, except surgery, provide temporary relief to the patient. None of them is a permanent solution, which makes the life of the patient quite uncomfortable when the problem arises again. To deal with this issue, a home care solution was developed. The product is based on cryotechnology and the effect of the product is seen within a matter of minutes.
The device does not contain any narcotics, which makes it safe for use for pregnant ladies, patients with spinal cord injury, patients on ant platelet drugs, diabetics, and bed-ridden patients. There is no risk of overdosing since there is no involvement of any narcotics within the device. The uniqueness of the device sets it apart from the other medicines or treatments available in the market.
GMS Piles Relief Cryotherapy Device
The device was created in order to provide a home care solution to the patients who are suffering from piles. The cooling effect that is provided by the device is a direct treatment to the afflicted area. It causes vasoconstriction of the blood vessels and numbs the muscles to help them expand. The device works in the following ways:

  • Reduces Swelling: Due to the cooling effect that the device provides to the region, there is a loss of heat on the surface of the skin as well as in the tissues that lie beneath the skin. This leads to the contraction of the blood vessels and the flow of the blood within the capillaries eases up, decreasing the swelling and the bleeding in the region.
  • Reduces Inflammation: Upon the contraction of the blood vessels, the fluids that are present in the tissues around the anus reduce in size, leading to the reduction of the hemorrhoids themselves. There is an inhibition of the chemical reactions due to the cooling effect, decreasing the flow of oxygen within the blood vessels and decreasing the metabolism as well.
  • Reduces Pain: Using the device eases the pain by interrupting the pain cycle of the hemorrhoids. When the hemorrhoids get subdued, the pain reduces automatically and the patient gets immense relief.
  • Relaxes Muscles: Using the device also relaxes the muscles around the anus. The cooling effect of the device lasts for hours, reducing the muscle spasms in the sphincters of the anus. Research studies show that the people who used the device had long periods of relief from the pain that they were experiencing as a result of the hemorrhoids.
  • Reduces Bleeding: With the restriction of the blood flow in the capillaries due to the cold and numbness, the bleeding in the cuts and stool is reduced by far measures. All the parameters were studied with regard to the hemorrhoids and the device, and the technology subsequently, has aced all the tests that have brought it to the limelight of the proctologists and general surgeons from around the world.

General Medical Systems has spent a great deal of time and resources in the development of the device. A great deal of research has been done by experts of the field in order to perfect the shape and size of the device so that it is in perfect sync with our body.

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