Top Natural Remedies for Quick Bleeding Piles Treatment

When dealing with a disease like Piles, you have to be sure that you take all measures in order to get the instant relief that you desire. There are internal as well as external hemorrhoids which cause the symptoms like bleeding, itching, swelling, and pain. All the aforementioned symptoms make the life quite uncomfortable and some people want to deal with the problem using only the natural remedies that are available in the market. Here are a few of them:

  • You can take one lemon and squeeze the juice from it. Mix this juice with cow milk that has not been boiled. For 3 continuous days, drink this on an empty stomach. This will cease the bleeding immediately.
  • You can take a dry amla and submerge it in a glass of water overnight. In the morning, boil this water and drink it on an empty stomach. This is quite an effective way of dealing with constipation. It is also an effective method of dealing with bleeding piles or hemorrhoids.
  • Another effective method of dealing with piles is trifla powder, a mild non-habit-forming laxative. This powder is available in the market under a variety of names. Just before you go to bed, take 5 grams of the powder. It is a safe way of dealing with bleeding piles.
  • Another non-habit-forming laxative is Isabgol. It is a bulk-forming laxative, and the right dosage of Isabgol is 15 grams of the husk just before you go to bed with 2 glasses of water. It is an effective way of getting relief from constipation, and in the right dosage, an effective method of getting relief from bleeding piles as well.
  • Kaegal exercise, or anulom vilom pranayama, is a part of yoga. This position helps in the toning of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Regular and proper practice of this position can go a long way of getting rid of bleeding piles. This is because it decreases grade 4 hemorrhoids to grade 3 hemorrhoids.
  • One of the most effective remedies of dealing with piles is drinking the adequate amount of water in the day. Ideally, you should drink somewhere between 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day. However, there are specific instructions for the people suffering from piles. They should not drink water an hour before or after eating food since it will disturb the process of digestion. You should start your day with 2 glasses of lukewarm water, which will increase the peristalsis (movement of the food in the digestive tract) and help in getting relief from constipation.
  • Sitting in a Sitz bath for a period of 15 minutes will provide you with immediate relief from bleeding and inflamed hemorrhoids. You should make sure that the water in the sitz bath is warm.

One revolutionary product has been developed by General Medical Systems. This goes by the name of Piles Relief Cryotherapy Device. It is an over-the-counter product. The ingredients that are used within the product are all natural. There is no use of any kind of narcotics or drugs within the device. The GMS Piles Relief Cryotherapy Device works by cooling down the region and providing numbness to the

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