Piles pain

Types Of Piles

Effective and affordable treatment for non-life threatening illness

Grade 1 Hemorrhoids:

Small hemorrhoids with bleeding occasionally.

Grade 2 Hemorrhoids:

Big Hemorrhoids inside anus with bleeding occasionally.

Grade 3 Hemorrhoids:

They came out during defecation and go inside of their own with bleeding occasionally.

Grade 4 Hemorrhoids :

They came out during defecation and then they need to pushed by hand.

Fissure is broadly of four grades:

Acute Fissure in Ano:

Cut in anal canal since short duration.

Chronic Fissure in Ano:

Cut in anal canal with sente tag since long time.

Piles and Fissure are most common benign anorectal diseases that affect majority of population.

Throughout the world billon of people are suffering from piles. Since 5000 years piles and fissure are being treated by one or other options. But fact is that majority of patients are not cured and have to undergo surgery. There are lots of options available for surgery but in all options you have to spend lot of money and time and the fact is that in this fast moving world we are having always shortage of time. There are lots of non-surgical options available like ointments and medicines but they have their own limitations. Both medicines and ointment have their own side effects.

The only non-surgical drug free treatment available in the world is piles relief cryo therapy device. This is a drug free treatment close to nature no allergies as we are only using Plant based glycerin for lubrication.

Treatment with Piles Relief Cryo Therapy device saves your money and time. This is only real home care treatment for piles/ fissures in the whole world. Already cryotherapy is being used in more than 130 countries.

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GMS Piles Relief is a new cryotherapy (cold treatment) medical device, to treat both internal and external haemorrhoids. It is easy to use, non-messy and pregnancy-safe.

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