Why Piles Relief Cryotherapy Device

The Piles Relief Cryotherapy Device is an anal device that can be used for the treatment of Haemorrhoids (Piles) and Fissures. The Piles Relief Cryotherapy Device stick causes the blood vessels to constrict, so that the blood flow to the swollen tissue diminishes. As a result of this the haemorrhoids will shrink and the cuts will heal. Complaints like pain, itching, burning and loss of blood will be reduced and after that it will disappear.

How are haemorrhoids caused?

The most common complaint is blood loss. The patient loses clear red blood during or after bowel movement. Another complaint is itching. Itching develops because the haemorrhoids are squeezed full of blood. A third complaint is that the patient has the feeling of something in the rectum that feels like a swelling or faeces that does not come out. This feeling arises because of the presence of very large haemorrhoids.

How are Fissures caused?

They’re caused by trauma or injury that stretches your anal canal.Too much pressure, tight anal sphincter muscles, and poor blood supply to your anus may lead to their development and poor healing.

Piles Relief Cryotherapy Device is very effective on Haemorrhoids& Fissures.Piles Relief Cryotherapy Device is a drug free treatment, completely safe and with no side-effects. This device is only to be used for 7 minutes twice a day. This is drug free treatment, no need of any prescription. You can use Piles Relief Cryotherapy Device for months and throughout and after the pregnancy, spinal cord injury patients, all patients on antiplatelet drugs, diabetic patients, and bed ridden patients. It always provides a right dosage, no drugs and no risk of overdosing.

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